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Fehmarn is the third largest island in Germany and is located in the Baltic Sea. The island is known among Kitesurfer, due to the ideal conditions, as Hawaii Germany. So it is not surprising that every year on the island, the German Kitesurf Championships, the Kitesurf Masters, are aligned.
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Known from

Getting there!

The nearest airport to Fehmarn is Hamburg. From there you can either continue by train, bus or car. Since there are only two stations on Fehmarn, which are not close to a Kitespot, it is advisable to there by car. The car approach is then very straightforward, just follow the A1 in north direction until you have reached the Fehmarnsund Bridge directly on Fehmarn. There are numerous parking spaces, central and near the coast, both for cars and buses, but all are liable to pay.

Kitespot - Territory

The island of Fehmarn offers the right surfing area for every wind direction. Whether wave area or shallow water, there is something for every skill level. The beginners most suitable areas are the Wulfener neck and Gold whereby in Wulfen the kiting is allowed only at 18 o'clock. Gold is very busy in the main season, so it's worth getting up early! You will find a small sandy beach where you can easily build up. A well-known wave Spot is the Green Brink, which is also a nature reserve and kitesurfing is allowed only in the advertised area.

Wind & Weather

Fehmarn is one of the sunniest places in Europe. While it may rain or be misty on the adjacent mainland, you can find blue sky on Fehmarn at the same time. The warmest months of both air and water temperatures are May through October. Most common are northwesterly winds or easterly winds, which are reinforced on the coasts Fehmarn by guard rail effect.


Whether camping, hotels or holiday homes, everything is represented on Fehmarn. It does not matter which side of the island you are on. Around the island, especially along the coast, you will find accommodation in any shape and price range, which are usually also very close to the surf spots. For campers or buses can also be found on the campgrounds. On these also fully furnished mobile homes can be rented.

Kiteschools & Kiteshops

On Fehmarn you can find some kite schools. These are more in the southern part of the island. These include KiteUnity, Wind Spirit, Boardflash, Kiteboarding Fehmarn, Kite Coach, Gold Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing Guide and Premium Kitesurfing. At the same time, the schools also have a kiteshop where you can find everything about kite sports.


Since Fehmarn an island there can be found suitable Kitespots for every wind direction. From beginner spots with Shallow to advanced levels of ability with waves, everything is included. At the same time, the kite spots on Fehmarn close together and can be reached in a short time due to the manageable island size.

Outside the water

What to do in case of no wind or when the body needs a sports break? Fehmarn offers suitable business alternatives for such cases. With the marine center there is a point of contact for people who are interested in the underwater world. Many museums such as the Submarine Museum, the Galileo Museum or the NABU Waterfowl Reserve and the Butterfly Park are also worth a visit! For the slightly more airy experience you can also start a climbing tour on Fehmarn.

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