Lo Stagnone Kitesurfing - Tips&Tricks for you special kitesurf adventure!

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Kitesurfing in Lo Stagnone

Lo Stagnone - The Isole dello Stagnone di Marsala are a small archipelago in the Mediterranean off the Sicilian west coast on the territory of the Sicilian town of Marsala. The area is known for its salt extraction. Besides wine this is the biggest industry in the region. The Italien word stagno means "pond". Stagnone ("big pond") refers to the largest of the Sicilian lagoon with about 2000 ha. The size of the lagoon with 2000 ha shallow area and the constant wind throughout the year make this Kitespot a perfect place for beginners and advanced riders!

Getting there!

There are three major airports in Sicilia near Lo Stagnone. The biggest and most central airport is in Palermo, the capital of the island. Then there is Catania on the east side on the island and Trapani on the west side. The best airport to go to Lo Stagnone is Trapani for the simple fact that Trapani airport is no 10 minutes aways from the Kitespot by car. Trapani is an old military airport which is today also used by small airlines such as Ryan Air! Although the airport is pretty small you will find everything you need. There are bus stations at which hourly buses drive towards Lo Stagnone. You can also find a big offer of car rental services. After consultation, they will be open even after official business hours. By car the next city where you can find accommodations is San Leonardo. You will need hardly 10 minutes to go from Trapani airport to San Leonardo!

Wind & Weather

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Due to the location of Lo Stagnone you can find some kiteable wind throughout the whole year. However, it's worthwile to have bigger kites in your baggage. Although there is hardly a day throughout the year where you are definetly not able to kite, the wind in Lo Stagnone is constant but not as strong. You will find conditions around 10 - 15 knots a lot! We advice to have at least one kite above 12m² to enjoy your kitetrip the most. The best wind direction for Lo Stagnone is either north or south. These are the dominant wind directions at the area. But if you have some other wind direction, it's also no problem at all! Because of the 2000 ha shallow water at the lagoon you can pretty much kite every wind direction. From March to September you will find additional wind because termal winds. The sicilians call it lovely 'Termico'.


The kitespots around Lo Stagnone and Marsala are perfect to learn kitesurfing or windsurfing. The big lagoon offers ideal conditions, shallow area everywhere. The water is at most up to the knee. You don't need to think about deep water, waves and what to do when you lose your board. Just stand up and walk upwind back to it. This promotes an incredibly fast learning process, especially at the beginning of the kite career. The entries in the area are often not optimal. There are only a few sandy beaches where you have enough space to rig up. There is often a road between the entries and your rig up place. The only sandy beaches at Lo Stagnone you can find at the lagoon and north of San Leonardo. South of Lo Stagnone there are only a few entries which you can find. There you need to carry your kite over the street and launch it in the water. For a small daily fee you can use the rig up possibilities of the resident kiteschools there. One thing you should consider is to use neopren boots, not because of the temperatures but because of the seagrass. A few kiter have complained of rash through the seagrass.An alternative wave kitespot is located at south of Marsala and called Puzziteddo. It works best during the winter months because the swell runs in perfectly

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The best thing you can do if you want to make a kite trip to Lo Stagnone is to look for an accommodation around San Leonardo. From the airport in Trapani you reach it in 10 minutes by care. The lagoon Lo Stagnone is also reachable in under 10 minutes from there. San Leonardo is a pretty calm village but with everything you need. You will find a supermarket, restaurants and bars. There are only a few tourists there and if, they are also kiting! The next big city to San Leonardo is Marsala. There is a lot more life and action outside the water but you need to drive around 30 minutes to the lagoon from there. You can look on sites like Airbnb, Booking.com or Surf-Fewo.com for good accommodations. We suggest Torre Lupa in San Leonardo. It's a complex with a few buildings, nice people, nice bar and a nice pool. So if you find yourself on a windless day you can easily chill at the pool and enjoy some cocktails. There is also nice music for the atmosphere!

No Wind Activities

There won't be many days where there is no wind in Lo Stagnone. But if still, the island Sicilia offers a lot of culture, good food and sightseeing. Traditional sicilian food is very different from the known italian food. There is a lot of fish in every variation. You should look for local fish restaurants and at least order octopus one time! In the area around Lo Stagnone there are also a lot of wineries. You should definetly check them out and have some tasting. Palermo, capital of Sicilia, is also worth a visit. You can got there by train or by car. It is advisable to go by train because the traffic in Palermo is very chaotic and only a few parking spots for visitors. If you have time you can have a look volcano Etna. It is still active and it's not unusual that the air traffic is stopped over the whole island because of eruptions. Marsala offers a big fish market where you can find fresh fish of every kind

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Lo Stagnone Kitesurfing - Tips&Tricks for you special kitesurf adventure!

Lo Stagnone Kitesurfing - Tips&Tricks for you special kitesurf adventure!

Lo Stagnone, big pond, is a large lagoon on the west coast of Sicilia. With its 2000 ha shallow are and constant wind, this Kitespot should definetly be on your list of your must visit Kitespots. There are perfect conditions for beginners with almost flat water everywhere but also good wave conditions for advanced riders! The quit sicilian flair completes the package for an awesome Kitetrip adventure!
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