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Kitesurfing Thailand

The country of smiles is normally known for its friendly people, breathtaking scenery, cheap living costs and hookers. But Thailand also has made a name among kitesurf enthusiasts over the last few years. Why? Because first of all you have pleasant temperatures of at least 23 degrees throughout the year and secondly, depending on the region, wind will also be available throughout the year! Considering the conditions you could almost speak of a dream location for kitesurfers.

Getting there!

To Travel to Thailand you should go by plane. Different big airlines offer direct flights to Bangkok, Thailand. From Germany you can find direct flight to Bangkok from Frankfurt Am Main, Munich and Duesseldorf to Thailand. The airlines offer flights every day to Thailand. Direct flights take around 10 hours. If you have a small budget you can also take flights with some stopovers. As usually this will take you longer but even with one stopover, Thailand is reachable in about 13 hours. When you have reached Bangkok and want to go further to the south of Thailand you can take domestic flights. These are pretty cheap and don't take as much time as for example a train. If you want to stay longer than 30 days in Thailand you need to inform yourself about a visa. Stays up to 30 days in Thailand don't need an extra visa. But you should be really careful with the visa topic. If you stay to long without a visa the legal system is pretty consistent in Thailand. This means there is a chance you get detained!

Wind & Weather

Unlike other water sports countries, the wind in Thailand is very much dependent on the region. The best and most famous locations for kitesurfing are Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Koh Phangan.

Region Best months for kitesurfing
Phuket September - March
Koh Samui April - October & November - March
PattayaSeptember - March 
Hua HinNovember - May 
Koh Phangan December - March & July/August


As already mentioned the wind in Thailand is very much dependent on the region and season. You can check our Wind & Weather list to check at which time you should go where!

1 Phuket
Karon Beach - long sandy beach, waves, small area where you can stand   
Friendship Beach - sandy beach, mostly flat water with some chop
2 Koh Samui
Hua Thanon - sandy beach, beautiful clear water, not too big but space enough
Samui Orchid Kitebeach - nice landscaped beach, clear light blue water
3 Pattaya
Koh Mak - small sandy beach, good wind
Ram Pung Beach - wide beach with low tide, be careful with the waves
4 Hua Hin
Cha Am - empty beaches, lots of space at low tide
Hua Hin - great place for all levels, choppy waves, bigger waves with bigger wind
5 Koh Phangan
Thong Sala Beach - shallow water, a lot of space, shoes recommended due to shells


Cheap accommodations can be found through providers such as Airbnb or booking. There you can find private accommodations or hotels directly at the spot. Accommodations are usually not that expensive in Asia. We recommend you to always have a look at the accommodation first and then decide how long you want to stay. It is good to have a point of contact when you arrive in the country. But we DO NOT recommend booking an accommodation for a longer time without having seen it before. Often, advertisements are made for accommodation with distorted or outdated pictures.

No Wind Activities

The best thing you can do in the kingdom is to take your backpack and travel the country. There are a lot of cheap possibilities to travel like by train, bus oder plane. You can also rent a bike or a car there for small money but be careful! If the vehicle is damaged in some way it will cost you alot. If you decide to travel the country you can have a look at the 10 best things to do in Thailand. 

For those who don't want to do boring staff and get back on the water you can always rent SUP's at local Kiteshops or Kiteschools. Depending on the region and spot you are, you can also try to catch some smooth small waves! 

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