Kitesurfing Tarifa - the wind machine of Europe!



Kitesurfing Tarifa

"Next week, i'm going to Tarifa to hit the water" i told my parents a while ago. "Do you mean Teneriffa?" they asked. With barely 20.000 inhabitants, Tarifa is not exactly a world metropolis and most people do not know it. Although the small city on the southernmost point of Spain appears in hardly a guide to the country, it nevertheless plays a very important role in this world. Every surf enthusiast knows the city. Why? Because of Levante and Poniente! These two winds prevail in Tarifa for over 300 days a year, meaning the southern city experiences exceptionally strong and consistent winds throughout the year. For this reason, Tarifa is known as mekka for kitesurfers! 

Getting there!

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If you are located outside of Spain, Tarifa is best reached by plane. You can either take a flight to Malaga or Jerez. Both airports are used by cheap airlines like RyanAir. If you plan in advance, there are already flights from 20€ to Tarifa. RyanAir charges 35€ for your kite luggage one way. So if you do not book two days before departure you can take a flight to Tarifa and vice versa for around 100€, kite luggage inclusive! From Malaga and Jerez there are two ways to travel on in the direction of Tarifa. Either by train or by car. We suggest to get yourself a rental car. This way you can easily transport all your luggage, you are mobile and flexible. The thing with rental cars is completely different than with flights. If you want to rent a car just wait as long as you can. Usually rental car services have a certain amount of rental cars. If you book early, they will charge you the full price or even more. Don't get tricked by offers like "Book early and get 15% off!". Book as late as you can, this way the rental car services are forced to bring their cars to the people to avoid idling. You will be surprised how much cheaper you can get a rental car this way! Both from Malaga and Jerez, the ride to Tarifa will take around two hours. But the views are nice because the ride will go along the coast. Just avoid highways on your way to Tarifa if possible to save the toll!

Wind & Weather

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Tarifa is known to have the best wind density in Europe. Statistically, there are most windy days in the year. Compared to other kite locations and kitespots, Tarifa should be an easy call when you are looking for many wind days, cheap flights and cheap accommodations. Poniente and Levante let the wind blow the whole year. There are three wind seasons in Tarifa.

Off Season November - February some days with wind per week, low temperatures
High Season June - August a lot of wind days per week, very crowdy in this time due to high temperatures. There is also a rescue boat at the beach in the High Season
Mid SeasonMarch/May - September/Octoberalso many wind days per week, shops and bars start to open, advantage is that it's not that crowdy like in High Season


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Tarifa has several kinds of kitespots in the immediate vicinity! No matter if beginner or advanced, every skill class of kitesurf skill will come at his expense. For example, there are lagoon in which the conditions for kite starters are optimal. You have shallow areas there with no waves. Advanced kitesurfer can go to the open sea, practice jumps pretty easy because of the no waves area. If you go around 3 kilometers along the coast to the north you can find wave spots. Nice and clean waves are coming in. For wave beginners pretty epic because the wave in Tarifa are not as big and go along very smooth

1 Los Lances - biggest spot in Tarifa, long sandy beach, lots of space, choppy to small waves
2 Valdevaqueros - sandy beach, good parking, usually thermal winds during summer, kiteable most of the days
3 Arte Vida - sandy beach, good parking next to a hotel with toilets available there, waves
4 Getares - sandy beach, only worke with strong Levante, good parking, good space
5 Bolonia - long sandy beach with lots of space, good parking, choppy to waves


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Cheap accommodations can be found through providers such as Airbnb or There you can find private accommodations or hotels directly at the spot. You can find really nice apartments with a good view to the ocean. So you do not really have to check the forecasts because you can easily see other kiters on the water. If you take your time to look for accommodations you can find really cheap ones even if you are planning at short notice. There are also plenty of camping places along the coast with nice view and everything you will need. If you are traveling by bus you can also park in one of the many parking places in Tarifa. These are mostly free because wildcamping in Spain is not as problematic as for example in Germany. 

No Wind Activities

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Although the city is very small, it has a really nice downtown area. The streets are very winding and narrow, which can bring you a few beautiful shots. There are a lot of bars with really good cocktails. You can also find many restaurants for any food. If you like or want to try Tapas we can recommend Bar El Frances. As usual at Kite locations where you have kiteschools you can also rent SUP's for cheap money. It is really fun to ride these small waves at the beach! You can also make day trips to Gibraltar, for example. Gibraltar is located around 2,5 hours off from Tarifa by car! 

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