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Kitesurfing Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island state in the Indian Ocean. From the ancient to the modern, the island, due to its location, has been an important hub for seafaring between the Southwest and Southeast Asia. The country is known for its tea, coffee and coconuts. Not forgetting its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage e.g. Ayurveda, a traditional healing art. Despite its turbulent past due to various local kingdoms and civil war, kitesurfing also made its way to the island.

Getting there!

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There are different ways to reach Sri Lanka. The most popular way to go to Sri Lanka is for sure by plane. Sri Lakan airlines offers direct flights to Sri Lanka from big airports like Frankfurt Am Main. They will bring you on direct way to Colombo airport. Of course there are also other airlines which offer flights regularly to Sri Lanka. However, you have to expect one or the other stopover. The good thing is that these flights to Sri Lanka are cheaper! You can also travel to the island by ship. Sri Lanka is a popular pier for cruise ships or passenger ships. Which ship providers dock exactly where and when, can be found out very quickly with Google. The most adventurous journey is certainly over land by train. The first step is to travel across eastern europe, then through Turkey, Iran and finally India. At the end of the day, another ship crossing from India to Sri Lanka is waiting. In addition to time, above all, one must have a good organization in order to meet the various entry requirements of the countries!

Wind & Weather

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The wind for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is very much influenced by the monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean. There are two wind seasons on the island. During summer season, May to October, you will find an average of 18-20 knots with the southwest wind. Not infrequently the winds also reach a strength of 30 knots. Combined with consistently high water temperatures, even through winter season, well, you can leave your wetsuits at home! In winter season, December to March, the wind direction changes to northeast. The wind during this time is much weaker, but still provides enough pressure in the kite! Sri Lanka is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate. Due to its location, the island has an average temperature of between 28 dregrees and 30 degrees for the entire country. While the west coast and the south coast are affected by heavy rainfall during the summer season, the north and east of the country remain relatively dry. However, during the winter season and northeast winds, this turns around.The best months for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is from May to October for the kitespots in the southeast of the country and for the kitespots in the northwest its December to March.


The most famous kitespot in Sri Lanka is probably Kalpitiya - Puttalam. There, you can find the open sea as well as a lagoon. The conditions are similar, while on the sea predominantly choppy water prevails, the water in the lagoon is shallow. For beginners it is advantageous that you can have shallow water in the lagoon. 

1 Kappalady lagoon - choose between flat water in the lagoon and waves on the sea
2 Arugam Bay - sandy beach, wave spot, take care of the few rocks in the water
3 Pottuvil Point - sandy beach, legendary wave spot


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Especially in the area around Kalpitiya - Puttalam there are local kiteschools which also offer accomodations directly at the spot. You can check out tour operators like kiteworldwide and kitereisen to check for complete packages. Most of the times transfers from airport to spot or accommodation is also included. As usual we also recommend providers such as Airbnb and Booking. If you want to look for an accommodation on your own, these sites will help you. There you can find private accommodations and maybe cheap hotels directly at the spot! 

No Wind Activities

If there is no wind in Sri Lanka you can just relax at the bar and enjoy the relaxed asian way of life or you can do other activities. Sir Lanka has a lot of historical cities and old ruins e.g. Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications or Polonnaruwa Archaeological Ruins 

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Sri Lanka has a beautiful landscape overall. On windless days you can rent a scooter for cheap money and explore the island on your own! Check Tripadvisor to check for attractions and places that you must have seen! Sri Lanka also offers good conditions for wave riding around the year due to the numerous wave spots. In combination with the friendly people, the favorable lifestyle and the many cultural highlights, one can almost speak of a surfer paradise! The best months for wave riding are December to March on the southwest coast and May to October on the east coast. A well-known wave spot is Arugam Bay!

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