Kitesurfing Portugal - everything you need to know!


by Max Fischer, 2018-03-12

Kitesurfing Portugal

Portugal is not only known for its fish, wine and super bock. You can also find excellent conditions for surfers. The country offers you varied spots with beautiful scenery, wind and a much lower kiter density than at other popular kitesurf locations. In our other blog contribution you will find a detailed description of what you can expect during your trip!

Best months for kitesurfing in Portugal

The best months are from May to September. At this time, the portuguese wind (Nortada) blows most constant with at least 4 beaufort which is over 11 knots!

The Nortada is a summer wind along the west coast. The main wind direction of the Nortada is north-northeast. The wind is intensified locally by thermal as well as orographic influences. Because of the large rocky coast, there are a lot of places where you can find these influences. A popular spot where you can benefit from these effects is Praia do Guincho

Best kitesurf spots in Portugal

There is a large variety of kitesurf spots. Mostly known for its waves, there are also spots with shallow water. No matter which level of skills you have, there is something for everybody! Pure freedom! 

Viana do Castelo (Cabedelo) - big sandy beach, shallow water to wave, best wind direction north 

Kitesurfing Portugal at spot Viana do Castelo

Guincho - sandy beach, wave spot, rocky surroundings 

Kitesurfing Portugal at spot Guincho

Foz do Arelho - big waves at the ocean, flat in the lagoon, ideal for beginners or freestyle 

Kitesurfing Portugal at Foz do Arelha lagoon

Sagres - shallow water, sandy beach, no waves 

Kitesuring Portugal at spot Sagres

Best airlines to fly to Portugal

It is hard to pick out only one specific airline because there are many airlines flying to Portugal. But we can give you some tips for your trip! For cheap flights we recommend Skyscanner! On Skyscanner you can compare different airlines and different airports to guarantee that you will find the cheapest price for your flight. The sooner you look for flights the cheaper you can find them! In Addition, it is worth to look for flights outside of the main travel time. 

Most airlines charge immense prices for carrying sports baggage. Nevertheless, there are also airlines that may not be cheaper at first look, but at second look they are much cheaper. Suppliers like RyanAir attract with cheap tickets, but then hit the luggage much more than their competition. To carry your kite luggage as cheap as possible we recommend the following airlines

Lufthansa - you can carry kite luggage up to 32 kg free of charge in addition to your normal luggage

Eurowings - if you have a credit card of Eurowings your kite luggage is free of charge

Turkish Airlines - similar to Lufthansa you can also carry your kite luggage free of charge in addition to your normal luggage

Ethiad - you can carry two luggages free of charge with Ethiad and can use one of them for your kite luggage

Cheap accommodations for kitesurfers in Portugal

Cheap accommodations can be found through providers such as Airbnb or booking. There you can find private accommodations or hotels directly at the spot. In our article 10 tips for low-budget trip to Portugal we have detailed tips for you to make the trip to Portugal as cheap as possible.

No Wind activities in Portugal

As described above, the country is very diverse. It offers enterprising opportunities of various kinds. On windless days you can let of off steam on the countless waves along the west coast, visit beautiful waterfalls or national parks. You can find a list of suggestions for what to do in Portugal on windless days in our blog.

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