Kitesurfing Dubai - a fairy tale of 1001 night!



Kitesurfing Dubai

Dubai is the most populous global city within the United Arab Emirates. It is known to be the home of the superlatives. Mostly for its oil, its skyscrapers and the beautiful beaches. Everyone knows that oil is a limited commodity, that someday comes to a stop. So the sheikhs prepare for the time afterwards and invest a large amount of money in tourism. There is nothing that does not exist, just bigger. Dubai attracts its tourists mainly with shopping but also with highly modern attractions. Who did not want to ski at 40 degrees for example? And besides that, there is also space for kitesurfing! 

Getting there!

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To travel to Dubai, there are a variety of ways. However, the journey to Dubai is mainly by plane. Depending on what the personal budget gives, can be the flight connections on various scheduled flights or the journey to Dubai is by plane in a private jet. Lufthansa and British Midland offer direct flights to Dubai. The flight to Dubai takes around 6 hours from Frankfurt Am Main airport. It is advisable to look for different departure airports such as for example Wien. From there the flights are often cheaper than flights from Germany. If you bring a lot of time it is also possible to travel to Dubai by ship. Various cruise operators dock directly at the dubai harbor!

Wind & Weather

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First of all, thermal winds occur in Dubai. Although this usually provides sufficient conditions for kitesurfing but it is rare that these winds are really strong. For this reason, it is recommended to have a big kite in Dubai (size 12m²-18m²). The best months for kitesurfing are from December to April. Then the wind can even blow up to 20 knots. The rest of the year you have a light thermal wind. Dubai is located around 25 degrees north latitude. There is a typical arid climate. It is dry and very hot. Humidity in the coastal regions can increase to 80%. The coldest month in Dubai is January with an average temperature of 25°C. During the summer months in Dubai, the temperatures can reach a maximum of over 40°C. So it is not surprising that the average water temperature is 30°C. A neoprene is therefore superfluous 


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There are four spots in and around Dubai where you are allowed to kitesurf.

1 Wollongong Beach - 3km wide sand beach, one official kite beach where you can launch and land your kite, flat to choppy water
2 Jebel Ali Beach - white beach, 200m wide x 10km long, mostly choppy conditions
3 RAK - sandy beach but a lot of rubbish, watch your feet and your kite because of possible broken glass, choppy conditions 
4NessNass Beach - similiar conditions as Wollongong Beach but only more crowdy


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Since Dubai is a very expensive city, it's best to book a package holiday. Two weeks in a 5 star hotel cost about 1200€ in Downtown. If you want to live right on the beach, you have to reach even deeper into your pockets. Here you quickly pay over 2000€. As usual we also recommend providers such as Airbnb and Booking. If you want to look for an accommodation on your own, these sites will help you. There you can find private accommodations and maybe cheap hotels directly at the spot! 

No Wind Activities

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Dubai is the city of the superlatives. More than 14 million visitors visit the city every year. So you can imagine that the city has much to offer and you should not miss it.One of the main attractions is the Burj Khalifa, which is by the way the highest skyscraper in the world! Only the elevator ride, up to the 189th floor at almost 640 meters, is worth a trip. In addition to water parks, huge fountains and national park, there is much more. On Tripadvisor you can get a nice overview of the must sees in Dubai.Even Surfers don't come off badly. Of course you need waves for surfing. These come with the north wind in Dubai. If there was a windy day, the waves will surely arrive the next day. There are two beaches were you are allowed to surf. The Sunset Beach, which is next to the Burj Khalifa, and the Mamzar Beach. There you will find surf schools where you can rent a surf board for around 16€/hour.
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