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Kitesurfing in Cape Town

Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa. The city received its name after the Cape of Good Hope, a cape dreaded earlier among sailors. Cape Town is famous for, among other things, the Tafelberg, and although the city is often advertising for being the only city in the world to be on two oceans, that's not quite true. Also Cape Town has made a name among kitesurfers. This is partly because the kitespots are very close to the city and you will find everything you need there and on the other hand because of the good wind conditions. That is why it is not surprising that professional kitesurfers live there to train for several months, year after year. 

Getting there!

The Cape Town airport is about 20 kilometers away from the downtown of Cape Town. Large airlines offer direct flights to Cape Town. And if not the alternative is to land first in Johannesburg and then fly on to Cape Town. It depends on where the airlines are located. Lufthansa for example offers direct flights 7 times every week. Airlines like KLM have a stopover in their origin country. The flights to Cape Town are very pleasant, as there is no time difference. At least only during winter times and then the time difference from Cape Town to european countries is only one hour. So you have a jetlag free arrival. If you are at Cape Town airport you have different options to travel on. You can rent a car, take a shuttle service, taxi or bus. Taxi drivers take around 9€ for the trip. The bus costs around 6€/each person and leaves every 20 minutes. For a shuttle service you need to inform yourself at your hotel how the conditions are. We definetly recommend to rent a car so you have maximum flexibility during your stay in Cape Town.

Wind & Weather

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Cape Town is the home of the Cape Doctor. Yes, the wind has been given its own name by the residents! Why? Because he is unique! They value him not only for its cleansing effect on the city air but also because he is perfect for kitesurfing. It's a famous southeast wind that comes across the ocean for thousands of miles without any obstacles, just to provide you with a steadily powered kite! The Cape Doctor occurs mainly during the summer months of the southern hemisphere, starting from August to April. So the best months for kitesurfing in Cape Town are from October to March! The temperatures in Cape Town can reach a maximum of pleasant 24 degrees to 25 degrees during this time. Also the summer is very dry, which makes rainy days a rarity. Unfortunately the water temperatures do not go over 18 degrees, which makes a wetsuit indispensable. 


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Cape Town isn't for nothing a meeting place for the world's best freestyle and wave kitesurfers. In addition to the good wind, the area offers countless kitespots and a huge variety of riding! You will find kitespots and conditions for beginners and also kitespots and conditions for advanced kitesurfer. There is a reason why Pro Kitesurfers like Kevin Langeree or Nick Jacobsen call Cape Town their second home! Unfortunately the different kitespots are too far away to take just a walk. So you should definetly look for a rental car to enjoy the variety of Cape Town.  

1 Big Bay - home of the KotA, sandy beach, wave spot with flat water between waves
2 Kite Beach - wide sandy beach, great wave spot
3 Dolphin Beach - same conditions as Kite Beach
4 Sunset Beach - sandy beach, nice waves, generally smaller than in Kite Beach


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Having a car in Cape Town is a must to be mobile. You can look for the rental car of your choice on different comparison portals e.b. Check24, Sixt or Rentalcars. We recommend to look for an accommodation in Table View, Blouberg or Big Bay. These are the places where all kitesurfers hang out during the day. There are kiteshops, bars, restaurants around and from there you can reach the kitespots in a few minutes by car. 

If you want to stay for a longer time in Cape Town we recommend thegumtree! This is site for accommodations from locals for locals so this is not just for a short trip. Usually they use it for normal rental - so it's not for short-term-holidays.

As usual we also recommend providers such as Airbnb and Booking to find yourself the most fitting accommodation you can imagine. If you want to look for an accommodation on your own, these sites will help you. There you can find private accommodations and maybe cheap hotels directly at the spot! 

No Wind Activities

Cape Town is a very diverse city where you can do many incredible things. Safari, wildlife and tours in nature reserves, Kayaking in the sea and on lakes, Paintball, Mountain Biking, Sandboarding, Tandem skydiving or Surfing are just a few of the many activities you can do there. Just have a look on Tripadvisor to get a good overview of the activities you can do in Cape Town with ratings of other visitors! 

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