Kitecloud - Early Birds wanted! Get yourself a Kitecloud Goodie Package!



Kitecloud Early Birds wanted! Get yourself a Goodie Package!

As most of you know, we at Kitecloud are working on developing an App for you and for us, the kite community. As the name implies, the community naturally plays an important role here. Opinions, suggestions and legitimate critics are very important to us. Because of that we are looking for Early Birds, starting in April, to make the project as helpful as possible for the kite community! Kitecloud will be available in the App Stores from April.

How does Kitecloud improve your live as a Kitesurfer?

The wind forecast shows outstanding values. On arrival at the Spot, one has to realize that the trendy 20 knots have become silly 5 knots, great.

The wind forecast shows no wind but in the evening you have to read in your facebook group of your favorite Spot, that there was wind and a few chosen ones had the session of their lives, perfect (we are always happy for them).

It's your free day, the wind forecast looks perfect but none of your usual kite buddies has time and you are not mobile.

You realize you forgot something or something broke and you need help.

You are alone at the Spot but want to tell people you are there so you don't need to kite alone.

At this point Kitecloud is the solution!

How? Who can provide better information around the Spot as someone who is right on the Spot or knows the Spot and surroundings very well? Exactly, nobody. The heart of Kitecloud is the Live Spot Communication, which allows you to get real time information around the Spot. It's pretty simple, you can choose your favorite Spots out of the Worldwide Spot Network and join the community! There you can connect and communicate with other kite buddies who love the same kitespots like you to make your #1 hobby even more fantastic, social and simpler. 

You can use Kitecloud to find other guys loving the same Spot like you to maybe rock some sessions together, do car sharing or just enjoy some beer or no wind activities! 

With the Kitecloud Quick Reports you get live wind and weather reports from kite buddies currently at the Spot or update the current wind conditions yourself! 

And that's not all! Imagine you broke your lines, lost a fin or maybe forgot your harness at the Spot. With Kitecloud you will find kite buddies exactly at the same Spot who would love to help you because they know the feeling!

The aim of Kitecloud is to bring the kite community closer together. After all, it's the most fun to be on the water with other kiters and to share the experience and the joy! Kiting is known to connect. Since this is a community project we need your help. Therefore, we are looking for Early Birds to test the App starting in April. Our philosophy is, every opinion counts! Because of that we directly want to involve you as a community in the decisions regarding the features. 

How can you be part of the new Social Network for Kitesurfers right from the start?

Just sign up in the form below. You will receive all information we need from you by email to be part of our beta phase! 

Get your access now!

What do I get out of my commitment? 

The most important thing is to help build a new revolutionary community for kitesurfers! Of course, we appreciate your efforts and therefore offer each early bird a goodie package from Kitecloud! With this package you will get an exclusive Kitecloud t-shirt and a sticker which will be send to your home after the test phase is over! 

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