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Our live spot communication feature is the heart of kitecloud. It has never been so easy to connect and communicate with other guys, loving the same kitespots like you. In the app you just search for your favorite spots, mark them as your favorite and from that moment you are part of the community. Welcome!

With our spot-map you can search for your home-spots or spots you plan to go. Join them to see the updates of other kitesurfers, who are currently on the spot. Easily share your questions, tips, images or on-the-fly spot-reports.

Spot-Reports On The Fly

No forecast or webcam in the world is reliable like kitecloud's on-the-fly spot reports. Who can provide you the most meaningful information about weather, conditions, waves & Co? Of course: The kitesurfers on the spot. With the spot-reports everybody on the spot can report the current conditions to help other kitesurfers.

A spot-report consists of information about the wind, waves, weather and how much people are on the spot. For sure you could append a picture to the report to give an even better idea on what is going on. Everybody on the spot can share a report.

Worldwide Network Of Spots

Everybody knows it: Kitesurfing is about traveling. Traveling the awesome spots with awesomepeople all over the globe. kitecloud's spot network contains thousands of kite-spots.

To let you find your favorites spots as easy as possible you can use our spot-map. Just enter the next city or village to your spot and tap on the map's pin of the spot you are searching for.


To offer you the maximum usability when using kitecloud you can use the app in german, english, spanish, france and russian.

Always up-to-date

Don't miss any updates or good wind on your favorite spots. Just activate notifications and stay uptodate.

Invite friends

Your friends should not miss any good session, too? Simply invite them to your favorite spots.

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Be part of the worldwide social network for kitesurfers!

It's time for you to join the worldwide kitesurfers community. Get live updates of your favorite spots worldwide, communicate in live-time with other kitesurfers and share your impressions.

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